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Limitations of faceless organisations

There’s a growing trend of digital businesses that hide the people who sit behind them. Why on earth would any business, especially one in the business-to-business space, want to do that?

Businesses do business with “people”. Let me state that again. People in businesses do business with people. And more specifically with people that they like. People build trust and rapport and can provide credibility. In the age of personal branding, these organisations will get left behind.

These digital businesses are limited to selling “off the shelf” undifferentiated products and services at a low price. Little to no variation means that they are easily imitable and don’t usually carry a competitive advantage. This means margins are guaranteed to be low.

This is the antithesis to where the market is going. Where individualised offerings are demanded. Those providing customisation will have the competitive edge.

What faceless organisations miss out on:

Building lifetime value with their customers. Marketing efforts are therefore higher over the course of the business. In failing to build relationships with customers, opportunities ongoing are missed.

Anyone can begin an online store, yet without providing additional value, your customers won’t become genuinely loyal nor committed to your brand. Especially if a better option comes along. Kogan has found this out the hard way, with the rise of other online discount electronic stores. Instead needing to expand their offering to remain sustainable.

Providing a mutually rewarding customer experience. Customers who are nurtured personally, are more willing to genuinely recommend your service personally to others. Growing a strong customer base for you. The impacts on the bottom line are also directly correlated with the quality of customer experience received. Webjet exclusives have got this down pat. Once holiday vouchers are purchased, a travel agent is in touch to tweak the travel package, providing a personal touch. This has meant that customers’ have an amazing time away creating many happy memories.

People are social beings who prefer free expression and unique solutions to meet their needs. Rigid products and services with the inability to be tailored will miss out on. Shoes of Prey are not ultra-successful for having another online stock standard show store. It has found a way to allow women to express themselves as the unique and wonderful people that they are.


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