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2015 Product Hits and Misses

There were a number of new products and innovative concepts that attracted wide spread popularity in 2015. So naturally as I do at the beginning of every new year, I look at how some of these popular products are likely to fair in the future. Will they end up being a fad (like the balance bracelets were) or will they remain on trend? Here are my predictions based on some recently popular items.

The hits

  1. Apple watch: This trend will continue. However the look of them will change drastically. Modern versions are looking to make the technology part of it invisible. Disguising it instead in luxe designs. In short, the digital watch of the future will become a fashion accessories that people will want to wear.
  2. Facebook media: Facebook is fast becoming the biggest repository of world news. Indirectly, millions of Facebook users have been sharing news snippets they find on other websites. In 2015, Facebook opened up the platform to the media, allowing them to publish their content directly on the platform. In fact a recent survey among Australian Facebook users showed that 48% of them had used Facebook for news. Given that news tends to be a habit, the platform is seeking greater usage by Facebook users, resulting in sales growth for the global company. This trend will continue into 2016.
  3. Netflix: Providing original, premium content and shows that fit with where their audience is anyway (online / mobile). This clever subscription service did what Pay TV in Australia did not. It successfully targets each individual rather than the entire household. Netflix is accessible in a variety of ways and viewers don’t even have to be subjected to any ads.
  4. Portable chargers: As we all rely more and more on our digital devices, portable chargers will continue to grow in demand. The thought of being without our mobile devices, launches some of us into insanity. These little blessings in disguise, means that you don’t need to leave your phone at someone else’s table in a bar of restaurant just to reach the power outlet.

The misses

  1. Fitbit: The simple wearable device measures many things; from the number of steps you take per day, to your sleeping habits (provided you wear the bracelet when you sleep). The issue going forward is that there will be stiff competition in 2016 with new and better looking devices that can measure the same or indeed more useful vitals than the Fitbit. As with any fashion accessory of this nature, Fitbit will lose its lackluster appeal over time.
  2. Volkswagen diesel-powered cars: They were caught lying to consumers in 2016 about the level of emissions certain diesel-powered cars had. Targeting the growing socially responsible market. Lying to consumers on the brands core promise is never a good idea. Companies were able to get away with price gauging and lying to consumers in the past. Today is different. Consumers are so much more informed and socially networked. This has empowered them to have a strong solid voice against injustices such as these. The backlash therefore was severe and will take the Volkswagen Group a long time to rebuild that trust for their group of brands.
  3. Security wallets: They have a great purpose in protecting your tap-and-go cards from being swiped. However, very soon, we will all have these cards within our mobile devices along with added bio-metric security. Allowing all your cards to exist in a virtual form. This will render the security wallet obsolete.



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